Grid of Nine No.1 - Young Zebra

Grid of Nine No.1 - Young Zebra
My charcoal drawing of Zebra's 'Dusty Dozen' had always been a favourite. As an idea it was the one with which I was most pleased and I always had it in mind to re-visit it somehow.
Since drawing Dusty Dozen however, my preferred designs now feature odd numbers, with three and nine appearing especially attractive to me. This importance of design had now really started to take precedence in my compositions and ideas.

I also thought to try the picture in colour. Although I love painting, my skill with a brush is limited. I prefer the firm feel of solid media, my beloved charcoal in particular. Pastel then, seemed the obvious choice for colour.

Even though the 'story' of the zebra rolling is not quite as detailed as in Dusty Dozen, I believe it is more complete to look at as nine simply looks more pleasing than twelve