Sentinel (Cheetah)

Sentinel (Cheetah)
This drawing was selected for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013 exhibition at the Mall Galleries and was used as the banner image for all the Mall Galleries social media during the show.

This picture now holds my record for the longest to complete. It was about 18 months from start to finish, although I did draw three or four other pictures in that time. I also found it difficult to decide on the position of the middle cheetah. My original idea was for it to be in the centre however after drawing the two outer cheetah's I thought it may be interesting to place the third cheetah next to the cheetah on the right leaving an obviously larger space to the left. Obviously in the end I stayed true to my original thoughts.

I wanted the viewer to know it was the same cheetah in three different positions, so I very obviously kept the tail the same for each cat, as everything else above changed to varying degrees. I hope a viewer see's a cheetah looking at things unknown; something close, something distant and finally straight out of the image toward you with a piercing stare.

I am extremely proud of this picture, and believe that my choice of not including a background in my drawings is correct. This image simply would not work in the way I planned if the wilds of Africa were shown. I wanted a sense of uncertainty in this drawing, despite the confidence of the central stare, and I believe the carefully selected white spaces within the image helped me achieve this.