Rhino Column

Rhino Column
This drawing was selected for the 2013 Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition at the Mall Galleries.

I was in Nakuru National Park in Kenya, when I saw the young white rhino sitting down next to his mum. He appeared to be flicking from one mood to the next; contented one moment, worried the next.

At the time I recall wishing he would turn round so I could see him from the front. I am now glad he didn't as I might not have had the idea for this drawing.

I chose the upright composition for the drawing to emphasize the shadow line on his back and have it travel up the centre of the full drawing.
I chose the title 'Rhino Column' with the idea of a column in a newspaper and the hope that the changes in posture and mood each view has might suggest the Rhino's future. Forlorn at the top, circumspect in the middle and Joyous at the bottom.